Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year

We start the year with good thoughts and goals.
Carol celebrated her birthday and had a great time in December.
Also Christmas meant a visit and dinner at our house with all of
her children home as well as brother and sisters helping.
She had a very good time and enjoyed tearing the paper
off of her gifts.
She also surprised us with gifts that she had made while
at Tendercare (with help from a very devoted friend)
Each of the kids got a handmade pillow (fleece covered and
tied by Carol herself)   We have snapshots of her working on
the project..THANKS so much to her friend ANN!!
In therapy we are working on 'walking' and standing and balance.
We have a new brace ordered for her left foot and ankle.  Hope
it works to help lift the foot and straighten the ankle.
Thanks to all for the continued prayers, gifts of time and energy
visits and gifts.  It has been an enjoyable holiday for Carol.
Hard to believe that she has been in Gaylord for over a year, now.
Posted by Pat Nelson (Carol's Mother)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

After Thanksgiving

Just a quick hello from Carol.
    Carol had a very nice holiday with both Jenny and Patrick home
to visit and help her with therapy.  The staff provided a delicious dinner
at Tendercare which Carol enjoyed.  The setting was special
and the seasonal decorations were just right for THANKGIVING!
    We later had Carol join us at home for 'our'  family turkey dinner with
all of the trimmings  We all enjoyed her visit and know how fortunate
we are to be able give 'thanks' together.
       How quickly a year goes by..we were in  Southfield
Rehabilitation Hosp one year ago (2009) and she was able to have
her first 'real' dinner then. We surely enjoyed this 2010 Thanksgiving and
know how fortunate we are that Carol continues to make substantial
   Jen celebrated her birthday while she was in
Gaylord and she and Carol and staff shared cupcakes.
  It was rewarding to see how Carol has improved and we all
pray that she continues her steady progress.
Thank you all for the wonderful thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Pat Nelson (Carol's Mom)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Early November

Greetings from Carol to all.
Carol has been really working hard in her therapy sessions.
She has learned to pull herself up in the parallel bars and
has taken several steps ( we call it walking)  We are very
excited with her new developments.  Since then we have
also fitted her with new hightop 'tennies' and hope that the
weight on her feet with help to stretch the ankles.
     Carol is still very good natured and loves her visitors, singing,
listening to music and making the 'rounds' at Tendercare.
She does lessons - math, reading, spelling, memory and writing
    We want to thank each of you for taking all of the precious time
that you have to spend with Carol. This helps so much with her
 progress. She loves the cards and pictures, flowers and candy and
especially your visits. 
God bless you all.      Posted by Pat Nelson (Carol's mother)

Monday, October 11, 2010


Carol has been working in therapy and still shows progress.
She loves the fall weather and has been outside  for short periods
in her wheel chair to enjoy this wonderful season.
She has enjoyed several visits, many cards and well wishes,
and the thoughts and phone messages from family and friends.
We are showing her pictures of family and friends hoping to
jog some more memories.  Thanks to all who haved helped and
continue to pray for Carol and her family.
Pat Nelson (Carol's Mom)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

End of September

Hello to all,   I am sorry that such a long time has
gone by since we last updated the site.  I did get out to
Colorado when Biz had her baby,  a boy, 6#5 oz...really cute
Carol has a new nephew. September 9, 2010.
   Carol has been working very hard and is showing great
results.  Her therapies are showing progress in standing for
short periods and in much easier transferring and scooting.
   She has also been working on memory and speech and
limited reading and writing.  She is more active in her wheel
chair and 'visits' many areas of the facility.  We sometimes
have a time trying to find her..usually it is where there is a
new activity or some really good food!!
    We thank all of you for the kindnesses you have showered on
Carol - the many cards, flowers, gifts, visits, thoughts and prayers keep
her on track and cheer her days and evenings.
Thanks from the entire family both the Snyders and Nelsons.
Posted by Pat Nelson (Carol's mother)

Monday, August 16, 2010


   Can't believe we're in the middle of August.  Carol is still slowly progressing
with her therapy - we are a little slower as her insurance is not covering
as much as before and our additioinal helper is on vacation.  Shannon and
I are trying to keep up some basic moves and we are trying to get her out
for some fresh air in this beautiful weather. 
     We will be trying to get more done this week.  Getting back to a more
active schedule.  Also a little visit to the dentist...Tendercare transports her
with their vehicle and her wheel chair. 
   Will was home over the week-end.  Jen will be home for the end of the month.
Thanks to everyone for the continued prayers. 
Nelson Snyder Families - posted by Pat Nelson (Carol's Mom)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Later in july-

     What a beautiful July.  The days have been lovely and just right
to take Carol outside for short rides in her wheel chair. 
She feels the breeze and the sunshine.
  Her visit to the eye doctor show that the right eye is
improving  gradually and that helps her perception. 
    We practice minor math problems everyday and she
attends therapy each day .   With extra help
she may also have an afternoon session.
   A huge 'thank you' to all who help with meals and lessons
and of course those who keep Carol in their prayers.
  God continues to give Carol strength and we remain
encouraged for her eventual recovery.
Patricia Nelson (Carol's Mom)