Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year

We start the year with good thoughts and goals.
Carol celebrated her birthday and had a great time in December.
Also Christmas meant a visit and dinner at our house with all of
her children home as well as brother and sisters helping.
She had a very good time and enjoyed tearing the paper
off of her gifts.
She also surprised us with gifts that she had made while
at Tendercare (with help from a very devoted friend)
Each of the kids got a handmade pillow (fleece covered and
tied by Carol herself)   We have snapshots of her working on
the project..THANKS so much to her friend ANN!!
In therapy we are working on 'walking' and standing and balance.
We have a new brace ordered for her left foot and ankle.  Hope
it works to help lift the foot and straighten the ankle.
Thanks to all for the continued prayers, gifts of time and energy
visits and gifts.  It has been an enjoyable holiday for Carol.
Hard to believe that she has been in Gaylord for over a year, now.
Posted by Pat Nelson (Carol's Mother)

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